Electromechanical Equipment’s Installation & Maintenance


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Service Details

Top Notch Technical Services LLC has highly qualified technical team that has absolute knowledge of all kind of electromechanical equipment installation and maintenance. Our technical team is further guided by skilled engineers to ensure the quality of work and customer satisfaction. We are fully equipped with latest models of tools & tackles and specialize in all kind of general electromechanical equipment installation and maintenance services for home and commercial needs.


We aim to provide you the best of quality and support. Our comprehensive electromechanical services include,


 Supply and Repair or replacement of electromechanical equipment’s like, distribution boards, circuit boards, circuit breakers light fittings, control panels, switches & water-heaters.

 Home appliances repair or replacement

 Rewiring of whole building

 Outdoors wiring and extensions

 Indoor lightings and decoration

 Commercial installations and maintenance

 Emergency lighting installations and maintenance

 Smoke detector installation


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